About DESI

DESI is a young spin-off from Leiden University that applies quantitative high throughput fluorescence microscopy for both drug lead efficacy and general chemical safety assessment. The mission of DESI is to provide a fast and cheap alternative for cellular mode of action determination in safety and efficacy screening. Current high throughput imaging-based safety and efficacy assessment lack quantitative mechanistic determination of the molecular pathway activation caused by chemical entities. DESI provides a unique solution and applies a highly validated platform of fluorescently labelled reporter cell lines for adaptive stress signalling proteins. This allows live cell monitoring of adaptive stress response activation simultaneously with standard cell health assays. Our automatized image analysis and bioinformatics pipeline provides an adaptive stress response fingerprint for each chemical. Our technology can be applied in generic high throughput chemical safety profiling both in the pharmaceutical early drug discovery cycle, and the cosmetics and (agro)chemical industry. In addition, our platform allows identification of drug-like molecules or candidate drug targets that modulates specific adaptive stress response pathways.

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Bob van de Water, Prof, Advisor, +31715276223
Wouter den Hollander, PhD, Computational Scientist, +31715276039
Bas ter Braak, PhD, Lab manager, +31715276227
Steven Wink, PhD, Computational Scientist, +31715276226
Steven Hiemstra, PhD, Lab manager, +31715276274


Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden